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The most expensive film in Indian Cinema – Adipurush has been released in theatres near you. The film is said to be based on the life of Lord Rama. If you want to download the film, this blog will provide you with a way to find the Adipurush download link for free.

The movie is made with a budget of INR 600 Crores and has a star-studded cast of actors like Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Senon, etc. The sentiment is also looking good for the movie which is a positive sign.

Are you looking to download the Adipurush movie? Let me tell you, it can be a real headache. The world of the internet is full of ways, but most of them are of no use. They’ll waste your time and energy, trust me.

Why? Because these so-called “ways” come with spammy and risky links along with malware ads. If you happen to click on any of them, be prepared for trouble!

Thankfully, we’re here at your service. We’ll guide you through the best methods to download literally any movie or series you want without any trouble. It only takes a few minutes, and you get your movie or series without any worries.

In this blog, you will see a bunch of such methods so hop along and let’s get started!



Adipurush Download Link | Download Adipurush Telegram

#1. Adipurush Download Telegram Link

There is no other way than the Adipurush download telegram link if you want to watch this film for free. This is the best and the easiest method, free and safe, and keeps you safe from malware and any other threats.

To be honest, you can’t trust the movie download links you find online as most of the time they aren’t safe. The websites offering these free download links only want to serve you with as many pop-up ads as possible so that they can earn more money from these ads that you see.

The Adipurush Telegram link shared above is probably the best and safest way to download the movie Adipurush online without any risks.

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#2. Adipurush Download Link Filmyzilla

Here is another great option to find the safest Adipurush download link online. And it is the movie website called FilmyZilla.

FilmyZilla is a website that is home to a huge content collection of movies and web series in one place. The website has a big library of videos and a lot of free options to download you can choose from.

In order to download the movie Adipurush, all you have to do is just go to FilmyZilla website and search for “Adipurush”. You will see the movie page on your screen. Then, just click on the movie name and you’ll be able to check all the available download options.

Tap on the one which you find the most suitable and then just hit the download button. Wait for a few minutes until the file gets downloaded fully. Once it is, enjoy the film with your buddies or family.

#3. Adipurush Download Link Isaimini

If you don’t want to use the FilmyZilla website to get Adipurush download link, here’s another great option that you can check. Isaimini is another classic movie download website that offers you almost every movie or series you want to see.

Just like FilmyZilla, Isaimini is also among the favorites of movie watchers as this has a humongous collection of options that you can choose from and download your favorite content online.

The process is the same. All you have to do is just go to the website and access the homepage. Then, go to the search bar and type in the movie name “Adipurush” or any other that you want to download. Hit search and check for the download options it presents.

Choose the one most you’re comfortable with and click on it!

About Adipurush Movie

DirectorOm Raut
Kriti Senon
Saif Ali Khan
Devdatta Nage
Sunny Singh
Writers & DialoguesOm Raut, Manoj Muntashir
MusicAjay-Atul, Sanchit & Ankit Balhara, Sachet-Parampara
ProducersOm Raut, T-Series, Prasad Sutar
BudgetINR 600 Crore
Released OnThatres
IMDb Rating4 (on the date of writing this post)
Original ReleaseTheatres

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush movie is based on the life of Lord Rama. The plot is taken from the version of the Hindu Religious text Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki.

There was a lot of hype for the movie before it was released as it covers the sensitive topic of Lord Shri Rama and their epic. Movies based on similar topics have done well in the past and the makers wanted to repeat the history.

The trailer of the movie already gained a lot of mixed reviews as the fans were devastated by the portrayal of the characters – Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, and Goddess Sita.

But the makers assured that the problems will be rectified in the movie. The movie has finally come out but the sad part is that problems haven’t been resolved, rather they have been multiplied.

The dialogues, the VFX, the costumes and the acting everything is bad. The reviews show how disappointed people are after watching the film. The people who supported the film before its release are now accusing the makers of hurting their sentiments.

The 600 crore spent in the making of this film makes it really hard for it to recover as even after earning 500 crores, the makers would still be at a loss. And the experience of viewers after watching it doesn’t give a positive response either.

So if you have high expectations from the film, don’t! If you still want to watch the film, book tickets of your nearest theatre and enjoy it with your family or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When will Adipurush be released?

Adipurush movie has been released in theatres on 16th June 2023. The movie is available in your nearest theatre.

Is Adipurush available on Netflix?

At this moment, no Adipurush is not available on Netflix. There is no news of the movie being released on any OTT in the next few weeks. However, if there is news, we’ll post it here and you’ll know.

Is Adipurush based on Ramayana?

Adipurush is said to be “Inspired” by Sage Valmiki’s version of Ramayana. However, the makers have said that the film is not based on Ramayana but rather inspired by it.

Who plays the role of Lankesh in Adipurush?

The role of Lankesh has been played by Saif Ali Khan. The character is based on “Raavan” from Ramayana.

Is Adipurush hit or flop?

Adipurush movie has witnessed a bumper opening day as it collected more than INR 145 Crore on the first day worldwide. But the cost of the film is very high – nearly 600 Crores which makes it very hard for the film to be labelled as hit unless it reaches the 600 crore mark.


If you are ready to watch this mythological movie based on Lord Rama for free online, then the best possible options are mentioned in this very blog. You can choose whichever one you like and feel comfortable and you will get the best Adipurush download link telegram for free.

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Have a safe online journey!

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