Best Telegram Groups You Should Join in 2020

Groups are amazing, right? You get to do a lot of crazy things there. Now Telegram Groups are something, using which can double the fun.

Yes, Telegram Groups are great, because you get a huge stock of interesting people to talk to, interact with, and be a part of whose life.

I personally spend a lot of time on these Telegram Groups. That is why here, I am presenting to you the list of some amazing Telegram Groups which you will surely love and appreciate.

This list contains different types of Telegram Groups that you will find interesting. No need to thank us, because this is what we love. We love to give you what you want. We love to make people aware of Telegram and its super awesome features.

So, let’s begin the journey –

Difference Between Telegram Group and Telegram Channel

Okay, so first things first. This question will surely pop into your head that what the heck is this Telegram Group? Is it different than a Telegram Channel?

Okay so let’s get it straight, Telegram Channels and Telegram groups are two different things. Yes, they both are entirely different things.

Have you tried the Whatsapp groups? Well, Telegram Groups are like that, except, a lot more fun!

Let’s break it down in simple terms so that you can understand it better. It is a common mistake that most of the people confuse a Telegram Group with a channel.

  • Okay, so in a Telegram channel, only the creator or the admin can send messages or a post. But in a group, all the members are free to send anything they want to share, may it be a message, video, image, document, or anything.
  • Since in a channel, members can not send anything, they are only mere spectators but in a group, they can actively participate and join into the discussion.
  • In a channel whenever a message is sent, it bears the name of the channel. However, in a Telegram Group, it isn’t the case. Here, the message will bear the name of the sender.
  • In a Telegram Channel, the maximum number of members can be unlimited, but Telegram Groups blocks the number at 200,000.

But, just like Telegram has Movie channels, education channels, etc., there are groups dedicated to this purpose as well.

Types of Telegram Groups

The scene with these groups isn’t like that of a Channel. There are 2 types of categories in which these Groups are divided –

Basic Groups

These groups can have at most 200 members. The sole purpose of these groups is to assist smaller communities. These groups are fit for a family, for a friend’s group, teams, small associations, etc.

Super Groups

These groups have at most 200,000 members. Where Basic Groups cater to the needs of small communities, Super Groups are best suited for a large or very large community.

Best Telegram Groups for 2020

So, here is the list of all the most interesting Telegram Groups you should be joining to have a blast in 2020. These groups will help you get the best of different things and provide you with all that you are looking for –

Movie Groups on Telegram

Movies are the most engaging things that bind all of us, right? And since you have checked out our movies section for Telegram, its time you go through some Telegram Movies Groups as well.

See, the benefit with Telegram Movies Groups is that here, you can also share some amazing movies or series if you have one. Or you can ask for a specific movie from someone. That just doubles the fun!

Here are our Telegram Movies Groups

Cryptocurrency Groups on Telegram

Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups

Well, cryptocurrency is something that has raised a lot of eyebrows in recent years. This new-age technology is something that has not yet been fully explored by anyone.

Some stand for its advantages while others back its flaws. So, here are the Cryptocurrency Telegram Group that are available for your assistance. Here, you can not only find Cryptocurrency news but also find the trading links of many.

Do explore them and get accustomed to the trends.

Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups

Telegram Dating Groups

Now I got your attention, didn’t I?

Dating is fun, especially when you have interesting people around you. And this is where Telegram helps you! Here, you find the most amazing groups where you can avail the dating leisure around.

If you are a girl or a boy, both of you can join these dating groups and the best part is, except being free, you can find your dream partner here too. What are you waiting for then? Hop in!

Best Telegram Dating Groups

Telegram Fantasy Sports Groups

Have you ever played fantasy sports? If yes, did you win any? Because I didn’t.

And that is why I searched for a lot of Telegram Fantasy Sports Groups. And let me tell you, I was really impressed from it. Like, I could win a few games at a time when I was not even close to getting my money back.

I must tell you that these groups are good, and if you are interested in playing Fantasy sports or any such thing, you should join them.

Telegram Groups for Fantasy Sports

Furry Telegram Groups

Telegram Furry Groups

Hey Furry lovers! Here’s your dreamboat. See, this furry cult is something that has developed in only the recent times.

Technically, all have that fur loving character because generally everyone or the other is either a fan of dogs or cats or any such furry animal.

But, the best part about these Furry Telegram groups is that you can live in the surroundings of your own kind. I mean if you are a fur lover, then you can get company of thousands of other fur lovers. Isn’t it cool?

Furry Telegram Groups

Telegram Technology Groups

Hey Tech-folks! Its time to serve you what you need.

The Telegram Technology Groups are the hub for all of your activities and knowledge. If you want to get info about something, or if you want to get an app, or if you want to do something related to coding, or if you want to get any sort of stuff online, or solve any technical error, then these groups are just the things you need.

Join them now –

Telegram Groups for Technology

18+ Telegram Groups

18+ content ahead. Are you not skipping this?

Ahaa, why will you? This is the most interesting group on Telegram there is. See, honestly, the 18+ humor, the 18+ content is subject to your own interpretation.

If you access it just for the sake of entertainment, you’re good! But if it becomes your obsession, then I might be afraid a little.

Anyway, you’re mature enough to decide it for yourself, I’ll leave it to you. Join and access the best 18+ content on Telegram today –

Best 18+ Telegram Groups

Anime Telegram Groups

Telegram Anime Groups

Yes, its anime time!

Look at the excitement on your face! I know Anime content is cool because I’ve seen my friends spending their time on it, for like all day!

So, here is making my friend’s and your life easy a tonne. Given here is the list of best Anime Groups for anime videos, movies, images and anime-freak people!

Best Anime Telegram Groups

Country-Specific Telegram Groups

By Country-specific, I mean special groups for countries, like Malaysia Telegram Groups, India Telegram Groups, etc.

The benefit of these groups is that you get to be in the company of your bros and girls! … These are by the way, amazing groups to join because of the fact that you are in the groups where you can get all the content you want.

Not only that, but you can chat with interesting people as well.

Country Telegram Groups

Telegram Gay Groups

Hey dudes! Looking for your partner?

Well, here, you might just get lucky, because the Telegram Gay Groups are all full of guys looking for a partner.

So, if you like gay chat or want to get in touch with guys, you can actually do it through here. Find a partner, chat with them and even you can fix a date or something!

Telegram Gay Groups!


You now have access to the best Telegram Groups over the platform. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best group or topic you want to explore, and join the channels. You’ll get the most amazing experience, I must tell you.

Phew, it was tough though finding these groups. But that would at least make your Telegram journey easier. That’s all we want at last!

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