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With the continuous releases of consistently good performing shows, Netflix just release another masterpiece documentary series – House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. And we are here to provide you with the best House Of Secrets Telegram Channel to download The Burari Deaths series without any fail.

The riveting Netflix mini-series recreates the July 1, 2018, deaths of 11 members of a family in Northeastern Delhi. The Chundawat family – a widowed grandma, her daughter, two sons, and respective families – were discovered dead in what was later determined to be collective suicide. 10 family members were bound and gagged and hung in a circle pattern from a netting that separated the ground and upper floors. The grandmother, the family’s oldest member, was discovered strangled in another area.

Through three episodes, House of Secrets gives us an overall view of everything that happened, from the time the deaths were found to how the case was investigated. While the series appears to be about the Chundawat family on the surface, it is actually a critique of Indian culture and the national media.

House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths have 3 episodes and you can watch them absolutely free by following our method.

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How To Download House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths From Telegram?

Before we move forward, here is a tip – download the PLAYIt app from your respective app store (it will save you time afterwards).

Once you are on the channel, here are the next steps you need to follow to download House Of Secrets From Telegram –

  • Click on the episode link you want to download. If you can’t find the series in the channel, use the search bar.
House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths telegram channel link
  • You will land on the “pdisk” interface. Here, you will have 2 available options – “Play Online” and “Download”. Click on “Download”.
House Of Secrets pdisk link
  • Click on the file size you want to download the episode in. It will show you the size of the video file & the resolution.
  • Once you select it, you will be redirected to PLAYIt app on the play store (or app store, depending on your device). Install the app if you haven’t already.
PLAYIt App on Play Store
  • Now, return to Web Series – TelegramGuru channel and click on the episode you want to download.
  • This time, choose “Play Online” on the pdisk web interface.
  • When the video starts playing, click on the download button on the right hand bottom side. (It’s position can be different depending on your device).
Download burari deaths From telegram

  • Click on “Download” again. And with that, you are all set!
  • In Conclusion

    Don’t expect House of Secrets to be a repeat of a regular Crime Drama show. It’s far more than that since while it walks you through the event, it also raises a lot of issues and leaves you thinking about the circumstances that led to the tragedy. That is what distinguishes it as a worthwhile documentary.

    So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to watch House of Secrets on Telegram!

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