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Patna junction was recently in the news for some reasons you wouldn’t want to be famous for. We are sure you must know about the famous Patna junction incident that took place recently. If you don’t, we bring to you this Patna Junction viral video telegram link.

It all happened at the platform number 10 of Patna Junction where people and passengers were busy in their daily routine work. This shameful incident attracted a lot of attention on social media where people created memes on the event.

But in addition to that, it also attracted a lot of backlash from people. Let’s understand what it was and then you’ll get the Patna viral videos telegram link too for informational purposes.

Let’s see what the full story was here.

Patna Junction Incident

The incident took place on 19th March 2023 on Patna Junction which is the biggest Railway station of Bihar. The junction was full of people and everything was going on normally.

But the normality changed when an inappropriate and obscene video started being played on the wide big screen in front of thousands of people.

This happened around 9:30 AM and passengers along with the staff on the junction started getting embarrassed with what had happened on the junction.

Imagine travelling with your family with kids, you are sitting on the junction and suddenly you see and hear this. How would it make you and your family feel about the system?

The Blue Film suddenly went off the advertising board screen and everyone was in shock as to what is happening. The video went for more than a few minutes until the executives shut down the screen altogether.

Patna Junction Viral Video Telegram Link

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Patna Junction Incident Action Taken

The shameful incident that took place on Patna junction has some serious repercussions for both Railway and for the advertising agency that installed the screens on the platform.

After the incident, Railway has terminated the contract of the Dutta Studio Company Pvt. Ltd. who installed the screens at the platform for advertising.

Along with that, two FIRs have been lodged against the company – one by Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the other one by Government Railway Police (GRP) under the IT Act.

It is worth to note that the agency had installed the screens on the platform 10 just a day before the incident of Blue Film, i.e. on 18th March 2023.

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