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If you are looking for the best Telegram channels to download the Ponniyin Selvan movie for free, then you might want to visit and follow these channels.

Ponniyin Selvan is a five-part Tamil historical novel written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. It was first published in 1951–1953 and was serialized in the Tamil weekly magazine Kalki. The novel is about the life of Rajaraja Chola I, one of the most powerful rulers of medieval South India.

The story begins in the year 985 CE, when Rajaraja Chola I, who has just been crowned king, sets out on an expedition to conquer Ceylon. On his way back, his ship is shipwrecked and he washes ashore on the coast of Puhar, where he meets Nanda Lal, a chieftain’s daughter. Nanda Lal helps Rajaraja Chola I to escape from Puhar and they eventually fall in love with each other.

Rajaraja Chola I then goes on to defeat the combined forces of the Pandya and Chera kingdoms and establish himself as one of the most powerful rulers in South India. The story culminates with the wedding of Rajaraja Chola I and Nanda Lal.

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Best Ponniyin Selvan Telegram Channel – Watch Ponniyin Selvan All Parts

And now, here is the Ponniyin Selvan Telegram link from where you can download & watch this superhit Tamil movie for Free –

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As soon as you click on the link above, you will be redirected to the best Ponniyin Selvan Telegram Channel. It is a leading channel for telegram movies, series, and more, providing every latest series for free. Getting the show is a piece of cake from there! Here are the detailed steps to follow –

Steps to download Ponniyin Selvan from Telegram
  • Click on the channel link provided above. It will redirect you to our channel.
  • To save time, search for “Ponniyin Selvan” on the channel using the search bar.
  • Now, locate the downward arrow button or a download link beside the file name, and tap on it.
  • The download starts as soon as you click on it. Just wait for a few minutes to complete. The progress bar will appear around the arrow button.
  • When you can see the file icon on the left side, it means your movie has been downloaded successfully and now you can watch it.
  • Once you download the file from the Ponniyin Selvan Telegram link, you can save it in your gallery also. Just click on the three dots icon on the side and then select “Save To Gallery“


Telegram is a great messaging app with many features that make it ideal for downloading movies. With its user-friendly interface and file-sharing capabilities, Telegram makes it easy to download Ponniyin Selvan for free. So if you’re looking for a way to watch this classic Tamil film without spending a dime, be sure to give Telegram a try.

In conclusion, we have shown you how you can download the Ponniyin Selvan movie for free using Telegram. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you are now able to enjoy this classic Tamil film. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments section below.

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