Telegram Cloud Storage: How and Why to use it?

If you want a free cloud storage alternative, then Telegram is the best option for you. You can easily store your things on Telegram Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage is an essential need for everyone online now. People store their Photos, Documents, Videos, and other things to keep it safe and save their device’s storage.

Telegram Cloud Storage is a free cloud service offered by the popular messaging app Telegram to use its unlimited online storage features.

Storing your local files online helps in sharing those files, using them on other devices, syncing your data on different platforms, free up local storage and taking a backup of your important data.

How To Use Telegram as Cloud Storage?

Using Telegram as daily cloud storage is a very easy process to keep your files organized with its simple UI.

You just need to upload your file onto Telegram messenger and that’s it, it will be saved on Telegram servers and you can access your files from anywhere on any device.

So just follow the ways explained below on how you can upload your files on Telegram and use its storage benefits.

Step 1. Create a Telegram account

First of all, Create an account on Telegram with your mobile number. If you already created one, skip this step.

Well, there are two ways by which you can use online storage on Telegram.

Using a Telegram Bot:

You use the bot MyCloudStorage or you can create your own Telegram Bot using BotFather.

Using Saved Messages:

If using a Bot feels fishy or difficult to do, then you can also use Saved Messages chat on Telegram. It is a more easy and practical method and I also personally use this one.

Step 2. Select the File to Save Online

Head over to your device storage and select the files you want to upload to Telegram online servers. You can also choose files by a clip () option to upload and send.

You’ll get plenty of options here for selecting your file type. They are-

Gallery, File, Location, and Contact.

Step 3. Send the File to Saved Messages or Bot

After selecting the file to save on Telegram, just share it with Saved messages of Bot created before.

save files on telegram storage saved messages

And that’s it, now your file is successfully saved on Telegram cloud storage servers and you can access them whenever you want.

What Type of Files You Can Store on Telegram?

Well, telegram offers to hold almost all the types of files you might want to store. They include-

Photos and Images: You can save images from your phone or you can take instant shots through its built-in camera feature to keep the record of something.

Text Notes: In case you need to record something important urgently, you can use Telegram as a digital notepad and send your notes to Saved Messages as a text message.

Songs and Voice Notes: If you want to listen to your favorite songs and keep them synced online, you can upload them on your Saved Messages to save them on Telegram Cloud Storage.
You can also save music from Telegram Music Channels and download them from here.

Videos and Movies: Even videos and movies can be stored here, its a very handy feature to store and download movies from Telegram.

Links and URLs: If you want to access a link to your other devices, you can simply send the link to Telegram Saved Messages and access them on your other devices.
Just delete them when your work is done if you want.

Contacts: Saving contacts on Telegram is also really easy, just follow the steps above and you can save people’s contact information to your Telegram Storage.

Locations: If you are at a place and want to save that location, just send your live location to saved messages in Telegram from the above steps.
You can also save any location in the world to access it whenever you need to go there. It’s a really handy feature if you find native Maps applications complicated.

Other Files: Telegram also supports different file types like apk, zip, ipa, rar, and many more.

Why To Use Telegram Cloud Storage?

1. The main benefit of using storage on Telegram is its wide support to different types of files. You get to save file types mentioned above without any compatibility issues.

2. Storing big files is also not a problem on Telegram as you can save file sized up to 1.5 GB which I think is quite sufficient for most of the users.

3. Telegram has expanded its network and launched its version for most of the devices. So you can access your data from any operating system whether it is Android, iOS or Windows. It supports multiple devices very effectively.
So even if you’re on your PC, smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy your data synced on every device.
For Mobile, you can use the Telegram application, for PC you can either install Telegram from Microsoft Store, or you can go to the Desktop version of Telegram through any browser.

4. Storing and accessing files on Telegram is way more simple than Google Drive or Dropbox. You are just using chats to store your data and we all can agree that this is easy.
It eliminates the steps of logging into a different storage account and then upload the file there to store and do that many times.

The Best Cloud Storage Platform

In my opinion, Telegram Cloud Storage is the best online storage solution for casual mobile users. It is even better than big players like Google Drive and Dropbox.

While other messaging apps like Whatsapp wants you to link your google drive account, Telegram is way ahead with its own free cloud storage solution.

I personally store my files on here due to its less complicated usability and user-friendly approach.

So to sum up, I recommend you use this awesome service provided by Telegram to ease your synchronization of data.

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