About Us

Hey There!

We see you are eager to know more about us. Okay, it has been quite a while that we have talked about ourselves to others.

Well, jokes apart, welcome to Telegram guru once again. And we (Sachin and Arpit) are the authors, admins, caretakers, baby sitters, grandmas and grandpas of this site.

Both of us have been quite active in checking out new and innovative applications and software and this is what has become our passion for quite a long time now.

We are very intrigued at the launch of a new app because it gives us a chance to expect something unique and intuitive to look forward to. And that is why our list of “Ex’s” is loooong!

Sachin has especially been attracted to social media and interactive sites and applications, while Arpit enjoys his teas with a deep study of utility apps that are helpful for a larger section of the audience.

But one thing that we both agreed on was how significant the Telegram application is. Yes, we never found any other application that has offered us so much!

Like the interface, the features, the security, the channels, the groups, and what not! We can actually write 3 hours straight about how worthwhile Telegram is!

And the worst thing is that there is so little knowledge and awareness among people about Telegram there is. I mean you just say it and Telegram has it. And still, people don’t know much about it!

We believe that there is a need for people to know more about Telegram and that is why we are here to help you! This is where the idea of TelegramGuru was born!

We have done our work until today and we’ll continue doing so afterward as well! Because that is what we love!