Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Every Aspirant Should Join

For all those of you who are preparing for UPSC examinations in India, we’ve got some good news right here. Now, you can actually access some of the best Telegram channels for UPSC.

Yes, Telegram is not only about Movie Channels and stuff, but it also provides value through a lot of stuff.

UPSC examination provides you with one of the most highly prestigious job positions in the country. You get an opportunity to be on positions like a bureaucrat, Revenue officer, an officer in the Indian Police Service or even an Ambassador.

Yes, these are the eminent prizes you get once you crack the all-mighty UPSC examination.

But, wait, if you are straight away thinking about going to the exam with a month’s preparation or two, then you need to stop buddy!

Considering the kind of privileges you get after being selected in the exam, you have to admit that cracking this is not a piece of cake.

You need hardcore determination, belief and an ocean of knowledge in your arsenal to be able to dop the wonder.

And in doing so, you should get every bit of help necessary.

No matter what help is small or big, every assist counts when we talk about UPSC. So, apart from your books, classes, video lessons, newspapers, and other, materials, here’s a little help from our side.

Presenting to you, the best UPSC telegram channels’ list to help you conquer the heist in your career.

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC 2020

So, given following is the list of best telegram channels for UPSC that you must try out in 2020 to get the material you need!

Telegram Channel Joining Link
UPSC ChannelJoin Here
UPSC Zone Join Here
UPSC Material Join Here
CSAT Mantra Join Here
UPSC Prelims 2020 Join Here
Acumen IAS Join Here
The Hindu Zone Join Here
Only Civil Services Join Here
History Optional Join Here
E-Books & Magazines Join Here
PDF4Exams Join Here
IAS Studies Join Here
Mathematics Optional Join Here
Indian Books Join Here
Bright Future Join Here
Estore Join Here
Economic Optional Join Here
Parivarthan Join Here
Encyclopedia Britannica Join Here
IAS & PCS Adda Join Here

What Benefit Do You Get?

Well, this is the part where things get interesting right?

But you need not to worry, we got you sorted. Here are the major benefits that you get once you join these channels in Telegram –

  • The first one is the most obvious. You can join the channels for free. Not even a single penny is charged once you join these channels.
  • You can get excellent study materials and valuable resources in these channels that can help you out in your preparations. Quality material can get you quality results.
  • No ads. Yes, it is another example of how useful telegram channels can be. Usually, on other platforms, you are either charged with money or you are served with a bunch of ads. But here on Telegram, no ads, no charges!
  • The materials can reach up to a very large audience in one go. Yes, with Telegram Channels, you can have up to 200,000 people in one channel, which makes it easy to deliver top-notch study material to a larger audience.
  •  You get access to e-papers, quizzes, model papers and lots of demo papers that can really help you evaluate your preparations. If you are an aspirant, you know that tests play an important role in stimulating your groundwork precisely.
  • Newspaper evaluations, dedicated explanations, and detailed clarifications on topics are available. This makes your job easy as a student because all of your doubts are rapidly eradicated.

In the End,

We would strongly suggest that if you are planning or if you are already indulged in the UPSC exam preparations, you should join these channels.

See, the UPSC exam is not like any other examination that you can crack easily. But, it needs a pile of resources to learn and a lot of knowledge covering a vast and diverse area of study.

This makes the exam all the tougher than it actually is. And in that situation, you should get all the help you need. These channels can help you with a lot of stuff and you will ultimately see how handy they are once you join them.

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