How to Grow Telegram Channel In 2022? – Complete Guide

Own a Telegram Channel? Then this post is for you on “How to Grow Your Telegram Channel?”.

I will share my experience which I gained in my past years as an owner of a Telegram based blog. So without a further due, let’s just jump into this Ultimate Guide to increase Telegram Channel Members.

Guess how many Telegram users out there in this world like us, no idea?

Well, there are now more than 100 million monthly active users on Telegram and they are still increasing at the pace of 350,000 new users per day.

That means there are nearly 4000 new users on this platform when you finish reading this post. Just quick maths.

As these stats are still rising, you can take advantage of this user base by attracting a chunk of them.

Channels on Telegram is presently the most beneficial and non-competitive Social media presence than other social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, etc.

It has its own distinct audience base which could be attracted to unique topics whether it is music, or movies, or education, or cryptocurrency, or gaming, etc.

So what I am trying to say is you should create your own Telegram community on your favorite topic, If you made a channel already that’s impressive.

I will advise you on how you can cut out a big stake of users and increase your Telegram channel members for free.

Right Ways For Marketing Your Telegram Channel

The following infographic will help you to take the right steps carefully to promote your Telegram Channel effectively.

grow telegram channel Do's and Don'ts info graphic

Tips To Grow Your Telegram Channel Members

After evaluating and analyzing the trend and algorithm of Telegram Channels, I have come up with a bunch of techniques and tricks to increase a Telegram channel’s subscribers.

1. Create a Brand Image

A brand image means a unique identity of the existence of your offerings.

You need a brand image for your Telegram Channel so that people can identify your channel as a separate entity.

Branding your image includes-

Selecting a Topic – Covering a certain topic will help you to distinguish your channel from other channels, plus, attracting a separate targeted base of audience.
You should select a topic which you like and according to the trend and needs of people.

Brand Name – You have to make a distinct yet relevant brand name for your Telegram Channel so that people can identify it’s you and what you’re providing to them.
A Telegram name should be easy to understand and related to your topic.

Brand Logo – Well it’s on you whether you want to create a unique logo for your channel or not.
If you ask me, A good brand image is very helpful in differentiating and improving your Telegram channel reputation than your competitors.

Description – Telegram offers a space to describe the purpose of the channel and what it’s offering.
It impacts the interest of the audience reaching your channel.
So you should make it relevant and attractive so that people tend to hit the Join button of your channel.

2. Offer Quality, Relevant and Consistent Content

One thing on which we all can agree – “Content is King“. That is why it is important to provide quality content to your Telegram Channel.

All the other points won’t work effectively to increase Telegram Channel members if you ignore this point. It directly affects the growth of your Telegram channel subscribers.

telegram channel growth venn diagram

If you’re providing quality unique content that is high in demand and no other channel is offering, then there is no other reason for people to not joining your channel.

Every Telegram Channel Owner should keep in mind the need of people who are reaching to your channel.

Think like a normal person yourself once, for example, if you need cute dog pics and you go to a channel named “CuteDogPicsWorld”, then you might join that channel if it posts a lot of cute dog pics daily.

If the content on the channel isn’t relevant to its name like its providing “Technology News” instead of dog pics, you’ll jump out of that channel as you feel click baited. The same goes for your channel too.

Another thing is that you need to be very consistent while posting your content. You should schedule the posts at a nice pace and period.

Minimum 2-3 posts daily are required if you’re busy in any other work. There is no maximum limit though.

3. Use Images, Videos And Avoid Copyrighted Content

Visual content is very easy to understand and present large information in a compact form. You should add images or videos in your posts or in some of the posts wherever it’s possible.

Do not post a ton of content without any visual appeal with it. Dry, only text posts cannot attract your subscribers to engage in it.

They might leave the channel which is salt on the wounds if you know what I’m trying to say here.

If you have written content which you can’t visualize in every post, just use visuals in some of them to make your channel chat appealing and interesting.

4. Share On Social Media

It is important that your channel should appear to the general audience. Not everyone is going to search for what you offer in the Telegram search bar.

People like to scroll through social media to see the content they don’t ask for. So if anybody likes your content there, they will surely go to check what more you offer.

You should share the most prominent and leading content from your channel to the social media platforms to grow your Telegram channel community from external sources.

Social Media Promotion of Telegram Channel includes the following Techniques-

1. Creating separate pages and channels on other social media platforms with the same branding. And sharing your posts there too.

2. Joining Facebook or any other social media groups related to your topic and spreading the word of your channel there.

3. Moreover, Providing solutions in the comments to the problems people asking on social media is also a nice way to attract curious visitors. NOTE: DON’T BE SPAMMY HERE.

4. Follow the Trends, for example, if any hashtag is trending on Twitter related to your channel niche or topic. You should Tweet with that hashtag to express your opinion with your channel link.

5. Collaborate With Other Telegram Channels

As I have mentioned in the start, Telegram is one of the fastest-growing platforms right now. It holds now more than 100,000 channels about different topics.

You’re not the only one who started a channel here, there are many other people trying to achieve the same objective as you.

So why don’t you do it with them? Yes, I’m telling you to shake hands with the other channel owners. You can work with other channels to achieve a common objective, i.e., gaining followers.

This might sound silly but this is the most effective external method to grow your channel on Telegram.

Collaborate With Other Telegram Channels

Most of the big Telegram channels use this technique to boost their subscriber count and expand their community.

It is mainly a paid technique but I can tell you how to do this without spending a single buck. So follow these steps to do so.

1. First, You need to create a small audience base, 100 subscribers can get the work done.

2. Now find Telegram channels that have nearly the same no. of subscribers as you have.

3. Approach the admins of those channels and convince them to promote your channel on theirs. Offer them promotion back from your Telegram channel.

4. As a small channel like yours, they will like to accept your offer and thus, you both can mutually promote and help each other.

You should also try for the channels that have a much more subscriber base. They also might be convinced by your offer despite a small audience base.

6. List On Online Telegram Directories

There are a lot of online directories for Telegram Channels and Groups where you can submit your channel link with its information like name, category, topic and no. of subscribers.

These directories help in getting traffic from search engines so if anyone tries to find telegram channels on Google, your channel might get some pageviews and exposure.

They have traffic on their sites in millions, so it is always good to use them rather than not to. They could be very impactful in increasing Telegram Channel views effectively.

7. Answer Queries On Public Forums

People ask many general queries on public forums like Quora, Reddit, and Tumblr which might be a good opportunity for you to gain a confused audience.

Just find questions related to your Telegram channel topic, provide a detailed answer and put a small link to promote your channel on Telegram and improve its growth.

Answer Telegram Queries On Public Forums

Remember, you should add quality answers and solutions so that it can get rank higher than other answers, which ultimately means more exposure and future channel members.

You answer and solve the problems of people on these forums, and in return, they will visit your channel and might join it too.

Bonus Tip: Be Searchable on Google

You might not believe but the majority of the Telegram audience searches Telegram channels on Search Engines.

And who else other than Google could come into our mind while thinking about search engines. Google is a very important factor to grow your Telegram Channel.

You should make an online presence on the internet outside of Telegram to generate organic search audience.

You should make Social media pages, Submit channel on submission directories, get links from external sources like Pinterest, Medium, etc.

Although this article is focused on free of cost ways for channel promotion, I will suggest you at least consider the paid methods to promote your Telegram channel on various popular blogs, pages, websites that are ranking high on Google’s search results page.

Benefits of Growing Telegram Channel

A continuously growing Telegram channel can benefit you in a lot of ways mentioned below.

1. With a nice Telegram channel growth, you can build your own community where you can express opinions and views about certain topics.

2. You can Monetize your Telegram channel and earn a significant amount of money off of it by Promoting Other Channels, Products & Services, Affiliate Programs, etc.

3. With a public image, you will be recognized in the online world as an influencer.

4. If you own a business, you can promote it on Telegram with the help of your growing channel by posting your website or blog links.

5. You will be approached by different brands and people to collaborate with them which is a huge takeoff to personal growth.

To Make A Long Story Short…

These are all the Tactics to grow your Telegram Channel subscribers. In my opinion, I have covered all the important aspects relating to it which you need in this year 2020.

This post has taken a hell lot of effort and energy from me, so if you liked it and found it useful, a share will be appreciated.

If you believe in what you offer, you’ll definitely be successful in your objectives.

I hope you also get success in your Telegram Channel growth efforts, till then keep trying.

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