How to Permanently Delete Telegram Account?

delete telegram account

When you are looking for a way to delete a telegram account, things may get tricky if you don’t know the right step-by-step process. Here, we’ll see the exact way how you can delete your telegram account permanently. Telegram has made significant advancements in the field of privacy, like the launch of Secret Chat feature, … Read more

How to Download Movies on Telegram?

how to download movies telegram

How to Download Movies on Telegram is one of the questions that tickle everybody. Here, we’ll remove the tickle you have by showing you the easiest way of movie downloading on Telegram. Hands down, Telegram is the best place to find movies, TV series and more. Along with offering you the best stock of content, … Read more

Adding and Removing Members From Telegram Group

Adding and Removing group members

A Telegram Group is a major communication channel that can be built between a community whether small or large. It enables the participation of all the members of a group in the conversations and an easy sharing of data mutually. Telegram groups are the new popular tools for stimulating your bonds with the your circle … Read more

Coronavirus: Telegram Channels, Stickers, Masks and more…

coronavirus telegram FI

As the condition of the world right now is very critical, people should have all the knowledge about the crisis of the Novel Coronavirus. So as our part, we’re providing you all the channels of Coronavirus from different news agencies and health ministries, stickers and masks. They will keep you updated about all the world … Read more

How to Create a Telegram Account? – Full Guide


You know, getting started with a Telegram account is going to help you in a lot of things that you could never have imagined. It is not like the other messaging apps that only serve you with boring messaging services with outdated features. There are a lot of things that come with Telegram. As a … Read more

How To Create a Telegram Channel? – Full Guide

How to create telegram channel

The best thing about using Telegram is its “Channels”. You see, Telegram Channels are one of the most amazing offerings that this messaging app has. They have literally changed the way of communication and sharing of data. Now, you can create a community of thousands and thousands of people and share content, views, expand a … Read more

18 Best English Telegram Groups For Learning

telegram english groups

English is an art that not everyone possesses. For that, you need to do everything and avail every asset that can help you in mastering this art. These English Telegram Groups are just the things you need! If you wish to lure the expertise of this marvelous tongue that synchronizes with the absolutely sublime wordings … Read more