Adding and Removing Members From Telegram Group

A Telegram Group is a major communication channel that can be built between a community whether small or large. It enables the participation of all the members of a group in the conversations and an easy sharing of data mutually.

Telegram groups are the new popular tools for stimulating your bonds with the your circle by giving you a large number of features to use in order to maximize your experience.

You see there are immense uses of Telegram Groups that can hardly be defined. It is not like the Whatsapp groups with limited utilities but comes with a bag full of helpful options for you.

This is why Telegram Groups are mostly recommended by our side. Now, here, we’ll be referring to how you can add and remove users from your Telegram groups.

Once you create a Telegram Group, you must know the qualified procedure of this very important action regarding the group members.

Adding Members into your Telegram Group

Adding members is a way of growing your Group. If you create a Family group or a friends group or even a group for any other purpose, you must learn the step-by-step procedure of adding more members.

Well, there are 2 ways of adding members to your Telegram Group.

1. Added by the Owner / Administrator.

The First way is that you, the owner or the admin, to add them manually. For that, follow this guide properly –

  • Click on the Group name.
Add members to group

  • You will reach a space like this. Now, from here, tap on the “Add Member” button you see above the members’ name.
Adding telegram members

  • You will reach a page from where you will see the list of your contacts. Search for the name you want to add.
  • Now, click on the name(s) and then tap ✔ on the bottom right corner.
Adding members to telegram groups
  • The member will be added.

There is another way of adding a member to a Telegram group. You can invite any user through a link. For that,

  • Tap on the “Invite to Group via Link” here.
Inviting members to group
  • You’ll reach a page like below. Now, you can either copy the link and share it to anyone or you can directly click on “Share Link” and it will allow you to share the link on various platforms like Telegram, email, Whatsapp, text message, etc.
Telegram group invite link
  • The recipient, when taps on the link, will be redirected to the group and will be asked to join the group.

Note – Revoke link means that your current Group link will become inactive and no one will be able to join the group using that link. Instead, a new link will be automatically generated.

2. Added by Any Member

Not only the owner but other members of the public group having such rights can also add members.

For that, the process is similar.

  • Tap on the Group name and click “Add Member
  • Choose either from your contacts or share the link as explained above.

Joining a Public Group

The two procedures mentioned above are applicable to both public and private groups. The admins, owner and the members having special rights can add members to the group.

But, anyone can join a large public group by searching it online without the members having to add them.

For that, you should search for the public group you want to join, tap on the name and then click “Join“.

Joining a public group

How to Remove any Member from the Group?

For removing the members from your telegram group, you need to follow these following steps –

  • Tap on the group name.
  • Now, tap on the pencil icon.
Group settings
  • Now, Go to “Members“.
Removing group members
  • You can see all the members here. Tap on the “Three dots” in the opposite of the member’s name you want to remove.
Removing group members
  • Click on “Remove from group“.
How to remove any member from telegram group
  • That’s it! The member will be removed permanently from your group.


As mentioned above, a Telegram Group is an excellent way of increasing your community whether small or large. This is a great communication channel that will enable you to have a good time chatting with your circle. Go through the procedures dictated here to seamlessly enjoy the functionality of a Telegram group.

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