Coronavirus: Telegram Channels, Stickers, Masks and more…

As the condition of the world right now is very critical, people should have all the knowledge about the crisis of the Novel Coronavirus.

So as our part, we’re providing you all the channels of Coronavirus from different news agencies and health ministries, stickers and masks. They will keep you updated about all the world happenings and news regarding the Covid19 disease.

We can’t risk health-related education. That is why we’re only listing official channels to maintain the trust of news and reports.

Telegram Coronavirus Health Ministry Channels Nationwide

Telegram ChannelsNationJoining Links
Coronavirus InfoUniversalJoin From Here
MyGov Corona NewsdeskIndiaJoin From Here
קורונה – משרד הבריאותIsraelJoin From Here
??CORONAVIRUS2020.KZKazakhstanJoin From Here
CPRC Kementerian Kesihatan MalaysiaMalaysiaJoin From Here
عش بصحةSaudi ArabiaJoin From Here
Gov.sgSingaporeJoin From Here
Ministerio de SanidadSpainJoin From Here
Коронавірус_інфоUkraineJoin From Here
Koronavirus Info | Uyda Qoling!UzbekistanJoin From Here

Telegram Coronavirus News Channels

Telegram ChannelsJoining Links
BloombergJoin From Here
The Washington PostJoin From Here
CoronaVirus – Live NewsJoin From Here
World NewsJoin From Here
Halab Today TV قناة حلب اليومJoin From Here
BloombergQuintJoin From Here

Other Telegram Updates for Coronavirus

There are very good steps taken by Telegram to spread positivity in people’s mindsets. These steps include-

The Virus Stickers –

You can send stickers to your relatives in your quarantine time to be busy. It is a very good way to spread preventive measures through messages.

Coronavirus Masks-

You can also use masks related to Covid19 prevention. These masks are really cool to use and spread awareness.

Advisory Groups-

Many organizations are using Telegram Groups to interact with the public.

Doctors of Karnataka(an Indian State) are using COVID19 Karnataka SAHAYA Group to answer queries of the public.

It is a very good initiative to educate people in these emergency situations.

Channels to Pass Your Time at Home-

We all are bored at home. You can join various channels to kill your heavy time alone.

So here are some channels to survive this phase-

Channels for Movies
Channels for Web/Tv Series
Channels for Music
Channels for News
Channels for Games
Channels for Videos
Channels for Education


In this situation of fear and panic, we need to help each other out by staying at home and keeping social distance.

Also, Telegram is supporting people with their best effort to fight this battle with the virus.

I hope this piece of information helped you a bit in your quarantine days.

To know more about all the steps and features introduced by Telegram especially for the Corona outbreak, check out their official blog post.

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