Dunki Movie Leaked On Telegram By TamilRockers Hours After Release In Theatres

The latest SRK release, ‘Dunki’, is released in theatres. But after some hours of the release, the movie has to face the wrath of the leakers as Dunki got leaked by TamilRockers. Let’s read further to get into the matter further.

Dunki movie has been leaked online on Telegram

A newly released movie Dunki was unfortunately leaked online shortly after its theatrical debut. Despite the best efforts of the filmmakers, copies of the full movie were posted without authorization to various piracy websites. This unfortunately enabled many people to view the film without paying to see it in theaters, which can hurt the movie’s financial success.

The movie was distributed among various platforms including Telegram, Filmyzilla, 123movies, filmywap, mp4movies, and among other websites.

The film industry continues to grapple with the challenge of preventing illegal distribution while also making films available legally through streaming and downloads. While technology makes piracy easier, studios, actors, and film crews still deserve to be compensated for their creative work. Audiences should seek out and support filmmakers by only using legal methods to view new movies.

Who are Tamil Rockers and why are they always in the news?

Dunki Movie scene

Tamilrockers is an Indian torrent website allowing users to illegally download and share copyrighted material like movies, TV shows, web series, music, etc. The website was launched in 2011 and quickly gained notoriety for providing the latest movie releases and TV shows for free just a few hours after their official release.

Despite multiple efforts by film studios and government authorities, Tamilrockers has managed to evade bans and continue operating by frequently changing domains. It relies on user uploads and public trackers to source and distribute content. At its peak, the website was among the top torrent sites in India and even the world.

The actual owners and operators behind Tamilrockers remain anonymous to avoid legal prosecution. It is believed to be run by a small organized group rather than a single individual. The website does not host any content on its servers but simply provides torrent files and magnet links to download content from other peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

Tamilrockers does not charge its users for access. Instead, it relies on revenue from advertisements displayed on the website. However, facilitating mass copyright infringement causes major losses for film producers and authorized content platforms.

Despite court orders to internet providers to block access to the website, Tamilrockers continues to operate by frequently changing its domain name. Its popularity in India signifies both the demand for the latest entertainment content and the challenges in enforcing copyright regulations on the internet.


Different sites enable the illegal sharing of copyrighted movies, shows, and music despite government bans. The leak demonstrates the challenge of preventing piracy and TamilRockers’ ability to quickly distribute illegal copies, depriving studios and creators of revenue.

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