24 Best Telegram Groups For IIT JEE Preparation

Looking for the best telegram groups for IIT JEE? In this blog, we present to you 27 hand-picked groups where you can find like-minded people and grow in their community.

Although there is a lot of distraction on the app as you can find a lot of telegram groups to join. But to make your life as an IIT JEE aspirant easier, we have sorted the best ones that you should join.

IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams not only in India but in the world itself. It requires a lot of preparation, attention, skills, and presence of mind in the student.

A student prepares for the exam for 2-3 years and if he is successful, he gets admission into the Indian Institute of Technology, which is regarded as the most prestigious institute in the country for engineering.

The exam covers only 3 subjects – Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. But the level of questions is top-notch. It is organized into 2 levels – JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

The most important asset for students preparing for IIT JEE is the company or the environment of study. These telegram groups for IIT JEE we are listing here today provide just that along with important notes, study materials, quizzes, etc.

If you are also preparing to fight the exam, then these groups will be a big help. Below are all the groups, just go through them and if you like them, feel free to join.

Best Telegram Groups For IIT JEE Preparation You Can Join

Here are the 5 top-rated telegram groups for IIT JEE preparation that every aspirant needs to join –

#1. Physics Wallah Official

When it comes to IIT JEE, physics wallah is the best telegram group you can join. It is managed by the Physics Wallah startup and helps students all over the country by providing valuable study materials, doubt-solving, discussions, and quizzes.

The group has a community of 400k+ members and is growing everyday. The name Physics Wallah is enough to understand the quality of this group.

#2. Physics Wallah NEET IIT JEE CBSE

Just like the official Physics Wallah group, this group has plenty of useful material that IIT JEE aspirants can use and enhance their preparation. They also post quizzes, solved questions, and host doubt-solving sessions for members regularly.

They also have material for Boards, NEET and CBSE exams. Join now for overall development and help.

#3. ALLEN Career Institute

Who doesn’t know the name ALLEN? When it comes to preparation for IIT JEE, one name that stands out is ALLEN. This is an official group of ALLEN Institute where you can find quality notes, study material, and quizzes to notch up your preparations. They have teachers who regularly solve questions and host doubt sessions for everyone for free.

#4. IIT JEE NEET Notes

Here is another amazing telegram group for IIT JEE with a community of 66,000 members. The group is full of enthusiastic IIT aspirants who take part in regular discussions and question sessions. The group provides useful study material for 11th and 12th-class students as well. Most of it is free while they do have some paid or premium notes which you can buy at reasonable prices.

#5. Maths IIT JAM

This telegram group is specifically for Maths students. If you have doubts about maths questions or are facing difficulties in any topics for IIT JEE exam, then this group will be helpful. The group has supportive and helpful members so if you post a question, someone will solve and explain it to you within a few minutes. The group also has a number of maths expert teachers so you can reach out to them for any specific requirements.

List of Other Telegram Groups For IIT JEE Preparation

Apart from 5 of the best groups mentioned above, here are some more such telegram groups for IIT JEE that you can join for assistance in your preparation –

Telegram GroupJoining Link
NEET IIT JEE Class 10 11 12Join From Here
IIT JEE NEET NotesJoin From Here
MathonGo Official IIT JEE 2023Join From Here
IIT JEE Mains Advanced MaterialJoin From Here
Aakash Institute OfficialJoin From Here
Aakash Institute Test SeriesJoin From Here
IIT JEE Class 11 12 BoardsJoin From Here
IIT JEE PreparationJoin From Here
PrepKit IIT JAM PhysicsJoin From Here
NEET Medical Chemistry UGJoin From Here
MarksApp – IIT JEE NEET PrepJoin From Here
Lakshya JEE 2024 IIT PreparationJoin From Here
Question Quiz HubJoin From Here
Physics Wallah NotesJoin From Here
NTSE | Foundation | NEET | IIT JEEJoin From Here
Class 11 12 Physics NotesJoin From Here
Chemistry Physics Biology NotesJoin From Here
Physics Notes Class 11th 12thJoin From Here
Class 11 12 Physics NotesJoin From Here

Benefits of IIT JEE Telegram Groups

These telegram groups can serve you with several benefits including –

#1. Direct Access to quality Study Material

These Telegram groups for IIT JEE provide access to high-quality study materials like notes, solved problems, tests, and question banks.

#2. Regular Practice

The groups share common practice problems and mock tests to help you improve your skills and performance.

#3. Doubt Clarification

While preparing for IIT JEE, you will have a number of doubts every day. These groups have experienced teachers and mentors who help you every step of the journey. You can ask them anytime and they will solve your doubts.

#4. Connecting With Peers

Overall, these groups create a wholesome community where you can connect with your peers and help each other and take each other toward success.

How To Join IIT JEE Telegram Groups?

Login into your Telegram account and then here are the steps you need to follow in order to join the IIT JEE Telegram Groups online –

1. Searching The Group

First step is to search for the IIT JEE group you want to join. Just use the search bar in Telegram to find the best groups.

2. Understanding The Group Properly

Read the description, chats, and messages to understand and identify whether this is the group you want to join. If you think this is the one, then proceed to the next step.

3. Join The Group

Joining is pretty easy. You’ll see the “Join” button at the bottom of your screen when you are in the group. Just tap on it and you’ll successfully join the group.

4. Following The Rules

In order to ensure a healthy and supportive group environment, it is important that you follow the rules set by the admins.


Here are some important FAQs regarding these Telegram Groups for IIT JEE you should take a look at –

Are These Telegram Groups For IIT JEE Safe?

Yes, these Telegram groups for IIT JEE are absolutely safe. You will get a supportive and friendly environment.

How do Telegram Groups for IIT JEE work?

These groups have people from the IIT JEE background. The admins share study material, quizzes, doubts, etc. and members have quality discussions among themselves to help each other in academics.

How can these Telegram Groups help aspirants crack the IIT JEE exam?

Telegram Groups for IIT JEE are helpful in multiple ways. They provide access to study materials, solve doubts, share exam tips and strategies, and connect with like-minded peers and mentors. If you are an active member of such groups, you can stay motivated and learn from experienced mentors.

Is it free to join these IIT JEE Telegram groups?

Yes, joining these IIT JEE telegram groups is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything.


That’s it for today folks! We have shared the best telegram groups for IIT JEE for your help. If you are a student who needs a motivated IIT JEE community, then these groups are really helpful. You will get all the information and updates from these groups daily.

If you know someone who needs to join these groups, don’t forget to share it with them. These groups will be hugely helpful and can solve a lot of their problems.

Good luck!

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