14 Telegram Groups For US Visa Slots

Are you fed up with frustrating visa queries? Let us help you out. With the help of these telegram groups for US VIsa Slots, all of your problems will go away and you will complete the process as quickly as possible.

There are different types of Visas you can avail if you want to go to the United States. You can avail student visa, work visa, tourist visa, business visa, etc.

However, the process is a bit frustrating! You have to arrange a number of documents, then go through the rigorous verification process, have an interview, etc. And if the rules get changed, then you have to go through that all over again!

The lack of knowledge is what makes the process even tougher. So where can you get all the updates, news and information regarding US Visa slots?

Following are the best telegram groups for US Visa Slots that will help you at every step of the way and let you complete the process without any issues.

Always remember that visa slots is a delicate matter. So if you join these groups and someone asks you for money in exchange for doing something for you, check everything and be sure of the credibility of the person before sending.

Best Telegram Groups For US Visa Slots You Can Join

Here are the handpicked 5 best telegram groups for US Visa Slots if you want to get your visas quickly. These groups have everything you are looking for and can be a lot helpful when it comes to helping you out when you have no clue –

#1. F1 Visa Slots Updates

If you want to have regular updates about F1 Visa slots, then this group is the best. They have active members who help you out in every way to solve your problems and queries related to visas. They also help you prepare for your visa interview and give you a platform for regular discussions.

#2. USA F1 Visa Slots

This telegram group for US Visa slots has a member base of more than 10k subscribers who are interested in getting a visa. The admin panel of this group is really helpful and they post regular updates, information, and educational materials for the members. You will be greatly benefitted when you join the group.

#3. USA Slots Updates

Here’s another top group for US Visa slots with more than 8000 subscribers. The admins post regular updates every hour and let you get slots all by yourself without any middleman. You will get credible information all the time. The group is open to everyone and helps every interested individual.

#4. H1B/H4 Visa Dropbox

As the name suggests, there are regular updates in this group for H1b/H4 visas. The group is open to all and anyone can join to get important information about the filing visa slots. The admins guide you in the proper direction and help you every step of the way without demanding anything.

#5. US B1/B2 Visa Slots

B1 and B2 are popular Visa types that are taken by people who are willing to enter the US for business and tourism. If you’re looking for the same purpose, then this group will be of great help. It keeps you updated regarding the latest news and helps you prepare for the interview.

List of Other Telegram Groups For US Visa Slots

Here are the best Telegram Groups for US visa slots you should join if you want to go abroad to study or for a job. Remember that these may not be the official groups so beware of sending money to the links.

Telegram GroupJoining Link
F1 Visa Slots OnlyJoin From Here
L1 L2 Visa SlotsJoin From Here
Chennai Visa SlotsJoin From Here
F1 Visa Slots OfficialJoin From Here
Mumbai Visa SlotsJoin From Here
Hyderabad Visa SlotsJoin From Here
Delhi Visa DiscussionJoin From Here
US Visa Slots B1Join From Here
Strictly H1/H4 Visa SlotsJoin From Here

How To Join These Telegram Groups For US Visa Slots?

The steps are pretty easy, just follow the given procedure here and you’ll be able to join these telegram groups without any issues –

Step 1 – First of all, you need to find the telegram groups for US Visa slots. For your assistance, we have shared a bunch of such groups above. Tap on any one of them.

Step 2 – Once you are in the group, locate the “Join” button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3 – Tap on the Join button you see there.

Step 4 – You have successfully joined the group. If you want to add the group to your home screen for quick access, just tap on the three dots icon on the upper right-hand side. Then select “Add to Home Screen”.

Benefits of US Visa Slots Telegram Groups

Here are all the major benefits of these Telegram groups for visa slots –

#1. Educational Materials

There is a lot of misinformation regarding US visa slots out there. Some people are not even aware of the policies and rules. These groups can help you by providing proper educational material and keeping you well informed.

#2. Regular Updates

Updates are really important when you are looking to get a tourist, student, or work visa to the US. These groups will be posting regular updates and keep you aware of all the latest developments in the field of Visa slots for the US.

#3. Proper Information

When you are looking for delicate subjects like US Visa slots, it is really important that you have the right and accurate information. There is a lot of misinformation out there which can be very dangerous for you if aren’t careful. These telegram groups for US visa slots will be providing you with accurate information at the right time.

#4. Answers All Your Queries

All the questions you have regarding the visa program or documents or anything else will be answered here in these groups. You don’t need to worry about anything, just join these groups and see your stress going away.


That’s it for today! We have shared the best telegram groups for US Visa Slots for your help. If you were facing problems with your visa applications, then these groups are really helpful. You will get all the information and updates from these groups daily.

If you know someone who needs to know this information, don’t forget to share it with them. These groups will be hugely helpful and can solve a lot of their problems.

Thanks for reading!

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